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ServiceBuilder Features

People Management

At the core of every church is, of course, people. Keeping track of the people who come in and out of our doors, involving them in the community and in ministry opportunties, and showing them the love of Christ is one of the most important aspects of what makes a church successful.

ServiceBuilder has a number of tools which help with this. A few are outlined below:

  1. One location to track the names, dates, and contact information for everyone in your church.
  2. Keep an eye on who needs an updated background check, dates of baptisms, births, weddings, and more.
  3. A single place to sort your congregation's skills, such as who plays which instrument, who servers as an usher, scripture reader, etc.
  4. Create custom filters instantly, such as mothers of preschool children, parents of teens, attendees from nearbye villages, and more.
  5. Built in newsletter system for sending messages to many different groups of people.