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ServiceBuilder Features

Attendance Tracking

One thing I have noticed in the churches I've worked for over the years, is how easy it is to miss someone who just stops coming. A few weeks, a month, or more can go by- and then you realize you have seen them for a long time.

I've tried to create an attendance feature in ServiceBuilder which is easy to use, and also provides the kinds of reports and alerts that can be of use to a church who wishes to keep in contact with it's congregation.

  1. Enter attendance by family
  2. Check in system allows people to check themselves in via their portable device
  3. ServiceBuilder shows attendance growth in various time segments using graphs and charts.
  4. Check off specific names, or just enter total adults, kids, and visitors- use the system that best suits your needs.
  5. Some of the options available:
    • Attendance Followup
    • Average Attendance
    • Active Participants vs Inactive Attendees
    • Lots more!