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The Faith We Sing (supplement to The United Method (2000)

Denomination: United Methodist Church - Published by Unknown Publisher

2001. We Sing to You, O God by John Darwall (Hymns Ancient and Modern,)
2002. I Will Call Upon The Lord by Michael O
2003. Praise You by Brenda Brown
2004. Praise the Source of Faith and Learning by Rowland H. Prichard
2005. Arise, Shine by Gary Alan Smith
2006. Lord God, Almighty by Coni Huisman
2007. Holy, Holy, Holy! by John B. Dykes (1861)
2008. Let all things now living by Author Unknown
2009. O God Beyond All Praising by Gustav T. Holst
2010. Praise Ye the Lord by Tony Castlen
2011. We Sing of Your Glory by
2012. Let us with a joyful mind by
2013. Bless The Lord by Saints In Praise
2014. Alleluia by Jerry Sinclair
2015. Bless His Holy Name by Andrae Crouch
2016. Glorify Thy Name by Donna Adkins
2017. Come, Rejoice in God by Jacques Berthier
2018. Honor and Praise by Twila Paris
2019. Holy by Guillermo Cuéllar
2020. Praise the Lord with the Sound of Trumpet by Natalie Sleeth
2021. What a Mighty God We Serve by Anonymous
2022. Great Is The Lord by Michael W. Smith
2023. How Majestic Is Your Name by Michael W. Smith
2024. From the Rising of the Sun by Anon.
2025. As The Deer by Martin Nystrom
2027. Now Praise the Hidden God of Love by
2028. Clap Your Hands by Handt Hanson
2029. Praise to the Lord by Ron Klusmeier
2030. The First Song of Isaiah by Jack Noble White
2031. We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise by Kirk Dearman
2032. My Life Is In You Lord by Daniel Gardner
2033. Glory to God by John Michael Talbot
2034. Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord by Vineyard Sampler
2035. Praise, Praise, Praise the Lord by
2036. Give Thanks by Henry Smith
2037. I Sing Praises to Your Name by Terry MacAlmon
2038. Father I Adore You by Terrye Coelho
2039. Holy, Holy by Jimmy Owens
2040. Awesome God by Rich Mullins
2041. Thou Art Worthy by Pauline Michael Mills
2042. How Lovely, Lord, How Lovely by Hal H. Hopson
2044. My Gratitude Now Accept, O God by Rafael Montalvo
2045. Sing a New Song to the Lord by David G. Wilson
2046. Womb of Life by Skinner Chávez-Melo
2047. Bring Many Names by Carlton R. Young
2048. God Weeps by Carlton R. Young
2049. God Is Here Today by
2050. Mothering God, You Gave Me Birth by H. Percy Smith
2051. I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry by John Ylvisaker
2052. The Lone Wild Bird by
2053. If It Had Not Been for the Lord by Margaret P. Douroux
2054. Nothing can trouble by Jacques Berthier
2055. You Are My Hiding Place by Michael Ledner
2056. God Is So Good by Anonymous
2057. Be Still and Know That I Am God by John Bell
2058. Shepherd Me, O God by Marty Haugen
2059. I Am Your Mother (Earth Prayer) by Per Harling
2060. God the Sculptor of the Mountains by Amanda Husberg
2061. Praise Our God Above (Harvest Song) by
2062. The Lily of the Valley by William S. Hays
2063. You Are Worhty by
2064. O Lord, You're Beautiful by Keith Green
2065. More Precious Than Silver by Lynn DeShazo
2066. Praise The Name of Jesus by Roy Hicks, Jr.
2067. Amen, We Praise Your Name, O God by
2068. I Love You Lord by Laurie Klein
2069. All Hail King Jesus by Saints In Praise
2070. He Is Exalted by Twila Paris
2071. Jesus, Name Above All Names by Naida Hearn
2072. Amen, Amen by
2073. Celebrate Love by Handt Hanson
2074. Shout To The Lord by Darlene Zschech
2075. King Of Kings by Petra
2076. O Blessed Spring by
2077. You Alone Are Holy by Anon.
2079. Jesus Be Praised by Handt Hanson
2080. All I Need Is You by Dan Adler
2081. Thank You, Jesus by Maranatha
2082. Woke Up this Morning by
2083. My song is love unknown by John Ireland, 1879-1962
2084. Come, let us with our Lord arise by Walter Pelz, b. 1926
2085. He Came Down by
2086. Open Our Eyes by Maranatha
2087. We Will Glorify the King of Kings by Twila Paris
2088. Lord I Lift Your Name On High by Rick Founds
2089. Wild and Lone the Prophet's Voice by David Ashley White
2091. The King of Glory Comes by
2092. Like A Child by Jars Of Clay
2093. The snow lay on the ground by
2094. Carol of the Epiphany by John Bell
2095. Star-Child by Carlton R. Young
2096. Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow (There's a Star in the East) by
2097. One Holy Night in Bethlehem by John D. Horman
2098. The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy by Traditional West Indian
2099. Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine by
2100. Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne by Emily E.S. Elliot
2101. Two Fishermen by Suzanne Toolan
2102. Swiftly Pass the Clouds of Glory by George Henry Day
2103. We Have Come at Christ's Own Bidding by Rowland H. Prichard
2104. An Outcast among Outcasts by
2105. Jesus, Tempted in the Desert by Thomas J. Williams
2106. When Jesus Wept by William Billings
2107. Wade in the Water by
2108. O How He Loves You And Me by Kurt Kaiser
2109. Hosanna! Hosanna! by Cathy Townley
2110. Why Has God Forsaken Me? by Taihei Sato
2111. We Sang Our Glad Hosannas by John D. Horman
2112. Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley by
2113. Lamb of God by Twila Paris
2114. At the Font We Start Our Journey by John Goss
2115. Christ Has Risen by William Moore
2116. Christ The Lord Is Risen Today by Charles Wesley, 1707-1788
2117. Spirit of God by Steve Garnaas-Holmes
2118. Holy Spirit, Come to Us by Jacques Berthier
2119. Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is by Inner City
2120. Spirit, Spirt of Gentleness by James K. Manley
2121. O Holy Spirit, Root of Life by
2122. She comes sailing on the wind by Gordon Light
2123. Loving Spirit by V. Earl Copes
2124. Come, O Holy Spirit Come by
2125. Come, Holy Spirit by Marian Wood Chaplin
2126. All Who Hunger by William Moore
2127. Come And See by Bob Bennett
2128. Come and Find the Quiet Center by
2129. I Have Decided To Follow Jesus by Promise Keepers
2130. The Summons by
2131. Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord by Bob Hudson
2133. Give Me a Clean Heart by Margaret P. Douroux
2134. Forgive Us, Lord by Jorge Lockward
2135. When Cain Killed Abel by John D. Horman
2136. Out of the Depths by Robert J. Batastini
2137. Would I have Answered When You Called? by
2138. Sunday's Palms Are Wednesday's Ashes by
2139. Oh, I Know the Lor's Laid His Hands on Me by
2140. Since Jesus Came into My Heart by Charles H. Gabriel
2141. There's A Song by Handt Hanson
2142. Blessed Quietness by W.S. Marshall
2143. O Lord, Your Tenderness by Graham Kendrick
2144. Someone Asked the Question (Why We Sing) by Kirk Franklin
2145. I've Got Peace Like a River by
2146. His Eye Is On The Sparrow by Deniece Williams
2147. There Are Some Things I May Not Know (Yes, God Is Real) by Kenneth Morris
2148. Over My Head by
2149. Living for Jesus by C. Harold Lowden
2150. Lord, Be Glorified by Bob Kilpatrick
2151. I'm So Glad, Jesus Lifted Me by
2152. Change My Heart, O God by Eddie Espinosa; Words: Psalm 51:10
2153. I'm Gonna Live so God Can Use Me by
2154. Please Enter My Heart, Hosanna by Cathy Townley
2155. Blest Are They by David Haas
2156. Give Peace by Jacques Berthier
2157. Come and fill our hearts by Jacques Berthier
2158. Just a Closer Walk with Thee by Anonymous
2159. Jesus, Draw Me Close by Rick Founds
2160. Into My Heart by Bryan Duncan
2161. To Know You More by Joe Horness
2162. Grace Alone by Scott Wesley Brown/Jeff Nelson
2163. He Who Began a Good Work In You by Jon Mohr
2164. Sanctuary by John Thompson
2165. Cry Of My Heart by Terry Butler
2166. Christ Beside Me by
2167. More Like You by Imperials
2168. Love the Lord Your God by Jean Strathdee
2169. God, How Can We Forgive by
2170. God Made from One Blood by
2171. Make me a channel of your peace Where by Prayer of St. Franscis & Sebastian Temple
2172. We Are Called by David Haas
2173. Shine, Jesus, Shine by Graham Kendrik
2174. What Does the Lord Require of You? by Jim Strathdee
2175. Together We Serve by Daniel Charles Damon
2176. Make Me A Servant by Kelly Willard
2177. Wounded World that Cries for Healing by Hal H. Hopson
2178. Here Am I by Daniel Charles Damon
2179. Live in Charity by Jacques Berthier
2180. Why Stand So far Away, My God? by Taize Community
2181. We Need A Faith by Jesse Seymour Irvine
2182. When God Restored Our Common Life by
2183. Unsettled World by Hal H. Hopson
2184. Sent Out in Jesus' Name by
2185. For One Great Peace by Jim Strathdee
2186. Song of Hope by Robbie Seay Band
2187. Now It Is Evening by David Haas
2188. The Family Prayer Song by Morris Chapman
2189. A Mother Lined A Basket by John D. Horman
2190. Bring Forth the Kingdom by Marty Haugen
2191. Bless Now, O God, the Journey by Basil Harwood
2192. Freedom Is Coming by
2193. Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying by Ken Medema
2194. O Freedom by
2195. In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful by Jacques Berthier
2196. We Walk by Faith by
2197. Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy by Joyce Maxtone Graham (Placzek)
2198. Stay with Me by Jacques Berthier
2199. Stay with Us by Walter L. Pelz
2200. O Lord, Hear My Prayer by Jacques Berthier
2201. Prayers of the People by Bonnie Johansen-Werner
2202. Come Away with Me by John D. Horman
2203. In His Time by Diane Ball
2204. Light Of The World by Jason Silver
2205. The Fragrance of Christ by David Haas
2206. Without Seeing You by David Haas
2207. Lord, Listen to Your Children by Handt Hanson
2208. Guide my feet by Author Unknown
2209. How Long, O Lord by Christopher Norton
2210. Joy Comes with the Dawn by Gordon Light
2211. Fairth Is Patience in the Night by John D. Horman
2212. My Life Flows On (How Can I Keep from Singing) by Robert Lowry
2213. Healer of our every ill by Marty Haugen
2214. Lead Me, Guide Me by Doris Akers
2215. Cares Chorus by Kelly Willard
2216. When We Are Called to Sing Your Praise by
2217. By the Babylonian Rivers by Ewald Bash
2218. You Are Mine by David Haas
2219. Goodness Is Stronger than Evil by John Bell
2220. We Are God's People by Johannes Brahms
2221. In Unity We Lift Our Song by Martin Luther
2222. The Servant Song by Richard Gillard
2223. They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love by Peter Scholtes
2224. Make Us One by Scott V. Smith
2225. Who Is My Mother, Who Is My Brother? by Jack Schrader
2226. Bind Us Together by Bob Gillman
2227. We Are the Body of Christ by Scott Wesley Brown
2228. Sacred the Body by W. Daniel Landes
2229. We Are One in Christ Jesus by
2230. Lord, We Come to Ask Your Blessing by W. Daniel Landes
2231. O Look and Wonder by Pablo Sosa
2232. Come Now, O Prince of Peace by Geonyong Lee
2233. Where Children Belong by James Ritchie
2234. Lead On, O Cloud of Presence by Henry T. Smart
2236. Gather Us In by Marty Haugen
2237. As a Fire Is Meant for Burning by
2238. In the Midst of New Dimensions by Julian B. Rush
2239. Go Ye, Go Ye into the World by Natalie Sleeth
2240. One God and Father of Us All by Pete Carlson
2241. The Spirit Sends Us Forth to Serve by
2242. Walk with Me by John S. Rice
2243. We All Are One in Mission by
2244. People Need The Lord by Steve Green
2245. Within the Day-to-Day (A Hymn for Deacons) by Jane Marshall
2246. Deep in the Shadows of the Past by
2247. Wonder of Wonders by William Boyd
2248. Baptized in Water by David Charles Walker, b. 1938
2250. I've Just Come from the Fountain by
2251. We Are Baptized in Christ Jesus by Joyn Ylvisaker
2252. Come, Be Baptized by Gary Alan Smith
2253. Water, River, Spirit, Grace by O. I. Cricket Harrison
2254. In Rememberance of Me by Buryl Red
2255. In the Singing by Carlton R. Young
2256. Holy, Holy, Holy Lord (Sanctus) by Iona Community
2258. Sing Alleluia to the Lord by Linda Stassen
2259. Victim Divine by Isaac B. Woodbury
2260. Let Us Be Bread by Thomas Porter
2261. Life-giving Bread by Ricky Manalo
2262. Let Us Offer to the Father by
2263. Broken for Me by Janet Lunt
2264. Come to the Table by Martin J. Nystrom
2265. Time Now to Gather by John D. Horman
2266. Here is Bread, Here Is Wine by Graham Kendrick
2267. Taste and See by James E. Moore
2268. As We Gather at Your Table by Skinner Chávez-Melo
2269. Come, Share the Lord by Bryan Jeffery Leech
2270. He Has Made Me Glad by Leona Von Brethorst; Psalm 100:4, Psalm 118:24;
2271. Come! Come! Everybody Worship by Natalie Sleeth
2272. Holy Ground by Geron Davis
2273. Jesus, We Are Here by Patrick Matsikenyiri
2274. Come, All You People by Alexander Gondo
2275. Kyrie by Clouds,Rain, Fire
2276. Glory to God in the Highest by David Haas
2277. Lord, Have Mercy by James A. Kriewald (1985)
2278. The Lord's Prayer by Phil Driscoll
2279. The Trees of the Field by Stuart Dauermann
2280. The Lord Bless and Keep You by Jim Strathdee
2281. May You Run and Not Be Weary by Handt Hanson
2282. I'll Fly Away by Albert E. Brumley
2283. For All the Saints by Ralph Vaughan Williams
2284. Joy in the Morning by Natalie Sleeth