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Songs of Faith and Praise, Alton Howard publishing (0)

Denomination: Churches of Christ - Published by Unknown Publisher

0. Sun of My soul, Thou Savior Dear by John Keble
1. O Worship the King, All Glorious Above by William Kethe, William Gardiner, Robert H. Grant
2. We Praise Thee, O God by John J. Husband
3. Hallelujah Praise Jehovah by
4. To God be the glory, great things he has done by Frances (Fanny) Jane Crosby
6. All Creatures Of Our God And King by Francis of Assisi, William H Draper
7. Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise by Walter C. Smith
8. Let Every Heart Rejoice And by
10. A Mighty Fortress is our God by Martin Luther
11. Hymn Of Glory by
12. Praise To God Immortal by
13. Day is dying in the west by William F. Sherwin (1877)
15. Step By Step by David Strasser
16. Holy God, we praise your name by Ignace Franz & Hugh Thomas Henry
17. Praise God by
18. Faithful Love by
20. We Worship And Adore by
21. Thou Art Worthy Great by
23. Our God, He Is Alive by
24. Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord by Vineyard Sampler
25. Like a River Glorious by James Mountain
26. God Moves in a Mysterious Way by William Croft
27. Blessed Be Your Name by Beth Redman, Matt Redman
28. Give to Our God Immortal Praise by Isaac Watts and Ralph Harrison
29. Hallelujah Chorus by George Frederick Handel
31. Be Still And Know by Anonymous
32. Holy Is the Lord by Chris Tomlin
33. Holy Holy by
34. Praise The Lord O Heavens by
35. It Is Good To Sing Your by
36. My Tribute by Andrae Crouch
38. Awesome God by Rich Mullins
39. Awesome Power by john
40. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts by Nolene Prince
41. Mighty Is Our God by Don Moen, Eugene Greco, Garret Gustafson
42. How Majestic Is Your Name by Michael W. Smith
43. All Things Praise Thee by
44. Glory be to God the Father by Walter G. Whinfield, 20th C. (adapt.)
45. Come into the Holy of Holies by
47. Holy, Holy, Holy! by John B. Dykes (1861)
48. O Love That Will Not Let Me Go by Albert L. Peace
49. Great And Mighty Is He by
51. Father Of Mercies by
52. Father And Friend Thy Light by
53. Father I Adore You by Terrye Coelho
54. We Bring The Sacrifice Of by
55. I Will Bless Thee O Lord by
56. Lord We Praise You by Author Unknown
57. Great Is Thy Faithfulness by Thomas O. Chisholm
58. A Charge to Keep I Have by Lowell Mason (1832)
60. He Is Exalted by Twila Paris
61. Be Exalted, O God by Brent Chambers
62. I Exalt Thee by Pete Sanchez
63. I Will Call Upon The Lord by Michael O
64. I Worship You Almighty God by
66. Praise God from whomDoxology by
67. For the beauty of the earth For the by Folliott Sandford Pierpont
68. Give Thanks by Henry Smith
69. God Holds The Future In His by
70. Ah, Lord God by Kay Chance
71. As The Deer by Martin Nystrom
72. Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty by Bob Fitts
74. Praise The Lord by
75. I Sing The Mighty Power Of by
76. How Great Thou Art by Stuart K. Hine (1953)
77. Glorify Thy Name by Donna Adkins
78. God Still Lives by
81. Bless His Holy Name by Andrae Crouch
82. Bless God by Carman
83. God Is So Good by Anonymous
84. Let the Whole Creation Cry by Stopford A. Brooke and Robert Williams
85. All things bright and beautiful by Louis Spohr
87. Sing amen by
89. Be Exalted, O God by Brent Chambers
91. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty by Joachim Neander
92. Glorious Things Of Thee by
93. God Who Stretched The by
95. Yes I Believe God Is Real by
96. I Stand in Awe by Mark Altrogge
97. I Sing Praises by Terry MacAlmon
99. In His Presence by Dick Tunney
100. Holy Ground by Geron Davis
101. Holy Ground Davis by
102. Great Is The Lord Almighty by America Worships
103. He Has Made Me Glad by Leona Von Brethorst; Psalm 100:4, Psalm 118:24;
104. From every stormy wind that blows by Hugh Stowell
105. Almighty by Wayne Watson
107. Holy Holy Holy Hosanna by
108. The Lord Is In His Holy by
109. Praise The Lord Who Reigns by
111. Grace Greater Than Our Sin by Daniel B. Towner
112. Wonderful Grace of Jesus by Haldor Lillenas
113. His Grace Reaches Me by
115. Sweet Peace The Gift Of God by
116. God Will Make A Way by Truth
117. God Is The Fountain Whence by
118. God Has Smiled On Me by
119. Behold, What Manner of Love by
121. God Is Love by
122. The Love Of God Beasley by
123. The Steadfast Love Of The by
124. Grace Tis A Charming Sound by
125. For God So Loved Us by
126. The Lord My Shepherd Is by
127. When All Thy Mercies by
129. Amazing Grace! by John Newton
130. Children of the Heavenly Father by Karolina Wilhelmina Sandell-Berg & Ernst Willi
131. Give To The Winds Your by
132. Thy Loving Kindness by Maranatha
133. The Love of God by Frederick M. Lehman
135. O How Kindly Has Thou Led by
136. Love For All by
137. Psalm by
137. Unto The Hills by Albert L. Peace (1885)
138. Our Heavenly Father Under by
139. In Heavenly Love Abiding by Anonymous
140. Love Divine by John Zundel
141. Heavenly Father We Apprec by
143. Come Christians Join to Sing by Author Unknown
144. O Worship the King by Johann M. Haydn
145. All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name by Edward Perronet/Oliver Holden
146. Alleluia Alleluia Hearts To by
147. I Stand Amazed by
148. I Keep Falling In Love With by
149. The Head That Once Was by
150. Worthy The Lamb That Was by
151. How Sweet The Name Of by
153. Come, Let Us Worship and Bow Down by Dave Doherty
154. Adoration by
155. Highest Place by Hosanna!
156. Beautiful by Phil Wickham
157. The King Is Coming by Imperials
158. The Sweetest Name of All by
159. You Are My God by Macon Delevan
160. Arise My Love by Newsong
163. His Name Is Wonderful by Audrey Mieir
164. Emmanuel by Bob McGee
165. Alleluia! Sing to Jesus by Rowland Hugh Prichard, 1811-1887
166. He's My King by
167. Hosanna by Carl Tuttle
168. Glory by
169. Celebrate Jesus by Gary Oliver
171. Above All Else by Michael James
172. I Just Came To Praise The by
173. Even Winds Whisper His by
175. Lift High The Lord Our Ban by
176. Lamb of God by Twila Paris
178. All Hail King Jesus by Saints In Praise
179. He Is Lord by Tom Fettke
180. Jesus Is Lord by Avalon
181. Bless the Name of Jesus by Carman
182. Lord Our Lord Your Glorious by
183. Lord Of All Being Throned by
185. Jesus Thy Name I Love by
186. Christ, We Do All Adore Thee by Theodore Dubois
187. Great Is The Lord by Michael W. Smith
188. Bless That Wonderful Name by
189. Master The Tempest Is by
190. O Jesus my Savior by
192. Stand up, and bless the Lord by James Montgomery, 1825
193. Crown Him With Many Crowns by George J. Elvey
195. Behold The Lamb by Scott Springer
196. More Than Anything by Jon Mohr & Randall Dennis
197. O 'Twas Wonderful Love by
198. Here We Are by
199. His Name Is Jesus by Scott Springer
200. Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts by Henry Baker (1854)
202. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee by Henry Van Dyke
203. Let There Be Praise by Sandi Patti
204. Glorious Is Thy Name by B. B. McKinney
205. Worthy Is the Lamb by Stephen Leddy
206. O Could I Speak The Match by
207. Let The Lord Be Praised O by
208. Hosanna, Loud Hosanna by Jeanette Threlfall
209. Marvelous Things by
211. There Is a Savior by Greg Nelson
212. When I Look Into Your Holiness by Cathy Perrin
213. He Is Able by Rory Noland
214. Have You Seen Jesus My by
215. O Lord Our Lord by
216. What A Lovely Name by
218. Blessed Jesus by
221. Jesus, Name Above All Names by Naida Hearn
222. There's Something About by
223. His Name Is Life by Bill Gaither
224. Blessed Be the Name by Anonymous
225. He's A Wonderful Savior To by
226. O Thou Fount Of EveryCome Thou by
227. On Zion's Glorious Summit by
228. O How He Loves You And Me by Kurt Kaiser
230. Worthy Art Thou by
231. Thou Art Worthy by Pauline Michael Mills
232. Worthy You Are Worthy by
233. O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing by Charles Wesley, 1707-88
235. Let All That Is Within Me by
237. I Will Bless The Lord At All by
238. Words And Music by
239. In Moments Like These by David Graham
240. King Of Kings by Petra
241. Resurrection by
242. Sing Hallelujah to the Lord by Linda Stassen-Benjamin
245. We Are the Reason by David Meece (1980)
246. Let Me Be A Sacrifice by
247. In The Name Of The Lord by Sandi Patti
249. Jesus Christ is risen today by Robert Williams
250. The Great Redeemer by
251. The Lord Thy God by
253. Sweet Adoration by
254. Sweet Aroma by
255. Jesus Is the Sweetest Name I Know by Lela B. Long
257. Jesus What A Friend To by
258. The New Song by
259. When This Passing World Is by
260. Majestic Sweetness Sits by
261. Lord Of Our Highest Love by
262. Thine Is the Glory by George Frederick Handel
264. O Come Let Us Adore Him by
265. Let There Be Glory by
266. Majesty by Jack W. Hayford; Words:Psalm 93:1
269. Thomas Song by
270. To Him Sits On The Throne by
271. Son Of Man by
273. More Precious Than Silver by Lynn DeShazo
274. Lord I Want To Love You by
275. O Lord You're Beautiful by
276. Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus by Helen H. Lemmel
277. Hark Ten Thousand Harps by
278. Victory Chant by Joseph Vogels
279. We Shall Behold Him by Dottie Rambo
280. Thou Art The Way by Thomas A. Arne (1762)
282. O Praise The Lord by
283. O Lord We Praise Thy Name by
284. Rejoice, the Lord is King by Maranatha
285. Wonderful Is My Redeemer by
286. Wonderful Story of Love by J. M. Driver
287. There Is A Redeemer by Melody Green
288. Fairest Lord Jesus by Traditional
290. Shine, Jesus, Shine by Graham Kendrik
291. The Great Physician by John H. Stockton
292. All Rise by
294. You're The One by
296. We Have Come Into His by
297. The Day of Resurrection by Henry T. Smart
298. Easter Song by Anne Herring (1972)
300. Praise Him! Praise Him! by Fanny J. Crosby
305. Crown Him With Many Crowns by George J. Elvey
307. Jesus The Very Thought Of by
308. Wonderful Love Of Jesus by
309. In My Life Lord, Be Glorified by
309. Lord, Be Glorified by Bob Kilpatrick
310. At the Name of Jesus by James Mountain
313. The Old Rugged Cross by George Bennard
314. Beneath The Cross Of Jesus by Elizabeth Cecilia Douglas Clephane
315. When I Survey The by
316. Jesus Paid It All by Larnelle Harris
317. Here O my Lord I see Thee face to face by Horatius Bonar
318. O Sacred Head by
319. Must Jesus Bear The Cross by
320. Nearer The Cross by
321. What Is He Worth To Your by
323. The Way That He Loves Me by
324. Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed by Isaac Watts, Ralph E. Hudson
325. Boundless Love by Dennis Loewen
327. All Because of Gods Amazing Grace by
328. Wound For Me by
329. What A Savior by
331. Blessed Redeemer by Harry Dixon Loes
332. Lead Me to Calvary by William J. Kirkpatrick
333. I Will Praise Him by Author Unknown
334. Tis Midnight And On Olive's by
335. In Memory Of The Savior's by
336. There is a gate that stands ajar by
337. Hallelujah What A Savior by
338. On the Cross of Calvary by
340. Jesus by
341. Rabboni by
342. We Saw Thee Not by
344. Low In The Grave He Lay by Robert Lowry
345. Christ The Lord Is Risen by
346. He Lives by Alfred H. Ackley
348. That Last Lonely Mile by
349. Ten Thousand Angels by
350. When My Love To Christ by
351. He Bore It All by
352. My Sins, My Sins My Savior by
353. One Day by Charles H. Marsh
354. I Gave My Life for Thee by Philip P. Bliss
356. I Believe In Jesus by Marc Nelson
357. Bethlehem Galilee Geths by
358. Jesus Is Lord of All by LeRoy McClard
359. I Love The Lord by Petra
360. Go to Dark Gethsemane by Richard Redhead
361. Nailed To The Cross by Grant Colfax Tullar
363. Breath Of Heaven by
364. Come Share The Lord by
365. How Beautiful by Twila Paris
366. By Christ Redeemed by John B. Dykes (1865)
367. The Scars In The Hands Of by
369. It Is Finished by Bruce Carroll
371. And Can It Be That I Should Gain? by Thomas Campbell (1825)
372. The First Lord's Day by William N. McElrath
373. A Hill Called Mount Calvary by
374. There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood by William Cowper
375. O The Depths And The Rich by
376. He Paid A Debt by
377. He Still Came by
379. If That Isn't Love by
381. Years I Spent In Vanity by
382. Why Did My Savior Come by
383. Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross by William H. Doane
385. Robe Of Calvary by
386. he Loves Me by 2nd Chapter Of Acts
386. Why did the Savior heaven by
387. Tell Me the Story of Jesus by John R. Sweney
389. I heard the voice of Jesus say by John B. Dykes
390. Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah by William Williams
391. Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us by William B. Bradbury
392. Faith Is the Victory by Ira D. Sankey
393. The Lord's My Shepherd by J. L. Macbeth Bain, c. 1840-1925
394. Walk with Me by John S. Rice
395. Follow Me by
396. No, Not One by George C. Hugg
397. The day Thou gavest Lord is ended by John Ellerton
398. Surely The Presence of the by
399. Jesus Calls Us by William H. Jude (1874)
400. There's a Light Shining by
401. Christ's Love Is All I Need by
403. I Hold His Hand by
405. If Jesus Goes with Me by C. Austin Miles
406. Just A Closer Walk With by
408. Take My Life Lead Me Lord by
409. Savior Lead Me Lest I Stray by
410. He Leadeth Me, O Blessed Thought by Joseph H. Gilmore
411. Lead On O King Eternal by Ernest Warburton Shurtleff
412. Jesus Hold My Hand by
413. Lord Be There by
414. Anywhere with Jesus by Jessie Brown Pounds & Helen Cadbury Alexander
415. Each Step I Take by W. Elmo Mercer
416. Footprints Of Jesus by Lucie E. Campbell
417. Where He Leads I'll Follow by
418. Breathe On Me, Breath of God by Edwin Hatch (1835-1889)
420. Search me O God by
421. Sweet Sweet Spirit by
422. Spirit of the Living God by Michael Baughen, Daniel Iverson (1926)
423. Holy Spirit Truth Divine by
424. Gracious Spirit, Dwell with Me by Richard Redhead (1853)
425. Where The Spirit Of The by
426. Holy Spirit Thou Art by
427. Come Holy Spirit Dove by
428. Holy Spirit Light Divine by
431. Break Thou the Bread of Life by William F. Sherwin
432. How shall the young secure their hearts by Isaac Watts
433. Holy Bible Book Divine by
434. Not to us by Worship
435. Come Into His Presence by Alleluia! music
436. My Help Comes From The by
437. There Is No Condemnation by
438. The Voice Of The Lord by
439. To Thee We Ascribe Glory by Kirk Dearman
440. Glorify The Lord With Me by
441. You Are My Hiding Place by Michael Ledner
442. I Will Sing Of The Mercies by James H. Fillmore
443. The Precious Book Divine by
445. Out of the Depths by Robert J. Batastini
446. Hear O Israel by Jason Silver
447. Now Unto The King Eternal by
448. The Greatest Commands by
449. Thy Word by Michael W. Smith
450. Give Me The Bible by
452. Standing On The Promises by R. Kelso Carter, 1886
453. Love Lifted Me by Howard E. Smith
454. Rock Of Ages by Martin J. Nystrom
455. When sorrows like billows by
455. Where Peace Like A River by
456. There's a Rainbow In The by
457. How Firm a Foundation by Rippon
458. Redeemed by A. L. Butler
458. Sweet is the song by
460. Washed In The Blood by
461. God Will Take Care of You by W. Stillman Martin
463. I Know Who Holds Tomor by
464. Because He Lives by William & Gloria Gaither
465. I know that my Redeemer by Hallgrim Petursson
466. Thanks To God For My by
467. We Have An Anchor by
469. Faith Is the Victory by Ira D. Sankey
470. Victory In Jesus by E. M. Bartlett
471. Let God Arise by Chris Tomlin
472. A Shelter in the Time of Storm by Ira D. Sankey (1885)
473. Safe in the arms of Jesus by Frances (Fanny) Jane Crosby
474. Thank You Lord by
475. Glory to His Name by John H. Stockton
477. Near to the Heart of God by Cleland B. McAfee
478. Nearer, Still Nearer, Close to Thy Heart by Lelia N. Morris
479. Peace Perfect Peace by
480. Blessed Assurance by Fanny J. Crosby and Phoebe P. Knapp
482. Saved by the blood of the Crucified One! by Daniel B. Towner
483. Is It For Me by
484. You Are My All In All by Dennis L. Jernigan
485. Take The World But Give by
486. Wonderful He Is To Me by
488. Into the heart of Jesus by
489. Is It Well With Your Soul by
490. It Is Well With My Soul by Horatio G. Spafford
491. Since I Have Been Redeemed by Edwin O. Excell
492. Only In Thee by
493. It Is No Secret by
494. O Happy Day by
495. Once For All by
496. O Listen To Our Wondrous by
497. Whispering Hope by J.I. McClelland
498. Christ Is Precious by
499. He Whispers Sweet Peace by
500. One Sweetly Solemn Thought by
501. Though Your Sins Be As by
502. Jesus Is Mine by Phoebe P. Knapp (1873)
503. I Walk With The King by B. D. Ackley
504. He Lifted Me by Charles H. Gabriel (1905)
506. No One Ever Cared For Me by
507. Does Jesus Care by
508. A Wonderful Saviour is Jesus My Lord by Fanny Crosby
509. I Will Sing The Wondrous by
510. I Lay My Sins on Jesus by Samuel S. Wesley
511. I Am So Glad by
513. I Will Sing of My Redeemer by James McGranahan
514. Redeemed Crosby by
515. Let the Redeemed by Ward L. Ellis
517. Heaven Came Down And by
519. God Is My Refuge by
520. In The Cross Of Christ I by
521. Saved Saved by
522. O God Our Help In Ages Past by Isaac Watts, William Croft, Tommy Walker
523. I Know The Lord Will Find by
524. I Know Whom I Have Believed by James McGranahan
525. He Knows Just What I Need by
526. Jesus And Shall It Ever Be by
527. He Touched Me by William J. Gaither (1963)
531. Like A River by
532. All People That on Earth Do Dwell by Louis Bourgeois (or William Kethe & Scottish Psalt
533. I Am A Sheep by
534. To Our Redeemer's Glorious by
535. The Glory Land Way by
537. Here We Are But Straying by
538. My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less by Edward Mote
539. Higher Ground by Charles H. Gabriel
540. O For A Faith That Will Not by
541. The Rainbow Of Love by
542. Tell It To Jesus Alone by
543. Wonderful Words of Life by Philip P. Bliss
544. Without Him by Mylon R. LeFevre
545. Precious Memories by J. B. F. Wright
546. Till The Storm Passes By by
547. Go Labor On by
548. The Lily of the Valley by William S. Hays
549. There Is Sunshine In My by
550. I Walk With The K Howard by
552. Have Thine Own Way by
553. I'll Live for Him by D. R. Dunbar
554. O Jesus, I Have Promised by John Ernest Bode
555. Seek ye first the kingdom of God by Karen Lafferty (1972)
556. There Is A See by
557. Rise Up O Men Of God by
558. There Stands A Rock by
559. The Joy of the Lord by Alliene G. Vale
560. Living by Faith by
562. I Need Jesus by
563. I Love You My Jesus by
564. I Must Tell Jesus by Elisha A. Hoffman
565. Sweeter as the Years Go By by
566. Shall I Crucify My Savior by
567. Restore My Soul by
568. Jesus, Rose of Sharon by
569. Sweeter Than All by
571. Something Beautiful by William J. Gaither (1971)
572. Each Step Of The Way by
573. Shall I Be Ashamed by
574. O, How I Love Jesus by Author Unknown
575. Reach Out by
577. We Bow Down by Twila Paris
578. We Will Glorify by Twila Paris; arr. by Tom Fettke
579. Praise The Name of Jesus by Roy Hicks, Jr.
581. I'd Rather Have Jesus by George Beverly Shea
582. My Faith Has Found A by
583. Jesus Flow Like A River by
584. Close to Thee by Silas J. Vail
585. Lean On His Arm by
586. My faith looks up to thee by Lowell Mason, 1792-1872
587. Sing And Be Happy by
589. What a fellowship by
590. Jesus Is All The World To by
591. Who Can Satisfy My Soul by
592. Someday The Silver Cord by
593. Consider Him by
594. Live For Jesus by
595. In the Garden by C. Austin Miles (1912)
596. In The Desert Of Sorrow by
598. Day By Day by DC Talk
599. On And On We Walk by
600. God Leads Us Along by G. A. Young
601. My God And I by
602. Nobody Fills My Heart Like by
603. Jesus Savior, Pilot Me by John E. Gould (1871)
604. I Want To Be Ready To by
605. I Will Serve You by
606. Remind Me Dear Lord by
607. I Want Jesus To Walk With by
608. He Gave Me A Song by
609. I'm Not Ashamed To Own by
610. I Love My Savior Too by
611. Walking in sunlight by
612. His Yoke Is Easy by
613. Hold To God's Unchanging by
614. Dying with Jesus by death reckoned mine by Daniel Webster Whittle
615. He Keeps Me Singing by Luther B. Bridgers
616. The Way Of The Cross Leads by
617. Child Of The King by The Lyons
618. All Day Long by
619. A New Creature by
620. Sunlight by Winfield S. Weeden
622. Ring Out The Message by
623. Tell the Good News by Gene Bartlett
624. Seeking The Lost by
625. Zion's Call by
626. Christ For The World We by
627. There's a Royal Banner by
628. Will You Not Tell It Today by
629. True Hearted, Whole Hearted by
630. Awake, My Tongue by
631. Lift Him Up by Phillip Landgrave
632. O Spread The Tidings 'Round by William J. Kirkpatrick
633. Throw Out The Life Line by
634. We'll Work Till Jesus Comes by William Miller
635. Freely, Freely by Carol Owens
636. To Love Some One More by
638. Harvest Time by
639. Rescue The Perishing by Gene Bartlett
640. I Love My Jesus by
641. The Ninety And Nine by
642. Let The Lower Lights Be by
643. Are you sowing the seed by
644. Tell Them Of Jesus by
646. Onward Christian Soldiers by Arthur S. Sullivan
647. Soldiers of Christ, Arise by Charles Wesley
648. Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus by George Duffield
650. Send the Light by Charles H. Gabriel
651. Sound the Battle Cry by
652. We have heard the joyful by
654. Down In The Valley With My Saviour by
655. Poured Out Like Wine by
656. O Zion Haste by
657. Must I Go And Empty by
658. I Am A Stranger Here by
659. I Love to Tell the Story by William G. Fischer
660. People Need The Lord by Steve Green
662. I Surrender All by Judson W. Van DeVenter and Winfield S. Weeden
663. We Give Thee But Thine by
664. Take My Life and Let It Be by Frances Ridley Havergal
665. I Am His And He Is Mine by
666. I Am Thine O Lord by
667. Savior Thy Dying Love by
668. We Are An Offering by Dwight Liles
669. Take My Life and Let It Be by Frances Ridley Havergal
670. O For A Closer Walk With by
671. Purer in Heart, O God by James H. Fillmore
672. Give Me Thy Heart by
674. I Have Decided To Follow Jesus by Promise Keepers
675. Wherever He Leads I'll Go by B. B. McKinney
676. Living for Jesus by C. Harold Lowden
677. I Have Been Revived by
678. More About Jesus by John R. Sweney
679. 'Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus by Lou­i­sa M. R. Stead, 1882
680. Yes Lord Yes by
681. More holiness give me by
682. Purer Yet And Purer by
683. I Am Mine No More by
684. Nearer My God To Thee by Sarah Fuller Flower Adams & Edward Henry Bicke
686. I Don't Want To Move by
687. Until That Final Day by Keith Green
688. I'll Never Forsake My Lord by
689. Be Still My Soul by Ivory Sessions
691. Make Me New by
692. Change My Heart, O God by Eddie Espinosa; Words: Psalm 51:10
693. Heart Of A Servant by
694. Servant Song by
695. None Of Self And All Of by
696. Once To Every Man And by
697. I Believe In Jesus Nelson by
698. My Jesus As Thou Wilt by
699. I'll Be A Friend To Jesus by
700. More Love To Thee by W. H. Doane
701. My Jesus I Love Thee by William R. Featherston
703. I Love You With The Love by
704. Bind Us Together by Bob Gillman
705. A Common Love by
706. Arise And Sing by
707. The Lord Our Rock by
708. Reach Out To Jesus by
709. How Sweet, How Heavenly by
710. The Lord Bless You And by
711. Blest Be the Tie That Binds by John Fawcett and Johann G. Nageli
712. Jesus Is Coming Soon by The Kry
714. When He Cometh by
715. The Church's One Founda by
716. Sing To Me Of Heaven by
717. We Will Stand by Russ Taff
718. We Shall Assemble by
719. Angry Words by
720. The Bond of Love by Otis Skillings
721. My Latest Sun Is Sinking Fast by
722. Let the Beauty Of Jesus Be by
724. Let's Just Praise the Lord by Gloria Gaither
725. Let Us Break Bread Together by
726. Lord Listen To Your Children by
727. Jesus Is Coming Again by John W. Peterson
728. It May Be At Morn by
729. Come, Ye Thankful People by George J. Elvey
730. We Declare That The King by
731. Take Time To Be Holy by George C. Stebbins
732. The Family of God by William J. Gaither
734. I'll Meet You In The Morning by
735. Heaven Is In My Heart by Hosanna!
736. To Christ Be True by
737. Getting Used To The Family by
738. Take The Name Of Jesus by
739. God's Wonderful People by
740. Song for the Nations by Chris Christensen
741. Immortal Love Forever Full by John Greenleaf Whittier
742. Count Your Blessings by Johnson Oatman Jr., and Edwin O. Excell
744. God's Family by
745. Humble Yourselves by
746. Rejoice Ye Pure In Heart by
747. Sing On, Ye Joyful Pilgrims by
748. Let The People Sing Amen by
749. The Battle Belongs To The by
751. Watchman Tell Us Of The by
752. God Bless You, Go With God by
753. Farther Along by W. B. Stevens
754. Faith of Our Fathers by Henri F. Henry (1864)
755. God Be with You by Ralph Vaughan Williams (1906)
756. Just Beyond The Rolling by
757. Friends by
759. Shall We Gather at the River by Robert Lowry
761. Prince Of Peace Control My by
762. Teach Me Thy Way O Lord by
763. O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee by H. Percy Smith, Washington Gladden
764. Teach Me Lord To Wait by
765. O God Whose Will Is Life by
766. Open Our Eyes Lord by
767. In the hour of trial by Spencer Lane (1879)
768. Jesus Let Us Come To Know by
769. May I Call You Father by
770. Dear Lord And Father Of by
771. Lord Speak To Me by
772. Savior Breathe An Evening by George C. Stebbins (1878)
773. Again The Lord Of Light by
774. Hide Me Rock Of Ages by
775. Holy Father by Praise The Name Of Jesus
777. Father Hear The Prayer We by
778. Be With Me Lord by
779. I Love You Lord by Laurie Klein
780. Thy Kingdom Come by
781. Thank You Lord Jernigan by
782. Lord Let Us Now Depart In by
783. Tarry With Me by
784. Far And Near by
785. Early My God Without Delay by
786. Take My Hand, Precious Lord by Thomas A. Dorsey
789. Father by
790. Lord Take Control by
791. On Bended Knee by
792. My Eyes Are Dry by Keith Green
793. The Beautiful Garden Of Pray by
794. Unto Thee O Lord by
795. Now the day is over by Joseph Barnby, 1838-1896
796. Remember Me O Mighty One by
797. Lord, We Come Before Thee Now by
798. The Lord's Prayer by Phil Driscoll
800. What A Friend We Have In Jesus by Charles C. Converse
801. Where No One Stands Alone by
802. Thanks Again Lord by Traditional African-American Spiritual
803. Turn My Heart by
804. A Simple Prayer by Luke Garrett
807. Jesus lover of my soul Let me be to by Charles Wesley
808. Abide with Me by Henry Francis Lyte, William Henry Monk
809. Lord Dismiss Us by
810. Listen To Our Hearts by Geoff Moore and The Distance
812. The Name Of God by
813. Jesus Meek And Gentle by
815. Father Whate'er Of Earthly by
817. See His Glory by
818. Revive Us O Lord by
819. Arise Shine by
820. Shine Down by
821. Pray All The Time by
822. Sweet Will of God by Mrs. C. H. Morris
823. Lead Me Gently Home, Father by Will L. Thompson
824. Still Still With Thee by
825. My God, My Father, Though I Stray by
826. Father We Thank Thee by
827. Sweet Hour of Prayer by William W. Walford
828. Instruments of Your Peace by
829. God who made the earth The air the sky by Sarah Betts Bradshaw Rhodes
830. Open My Eyes, That I May See by Clara H. Scott
831. Let Me Live Close To Thee by
832. Jesus We Just Want To by
833. I Want To Be Where You by
834. In The Hush Of Early Morn by
835. Savior Grant Me Rest And by
836. Til My Faith Becomes Sight by
837. I Need Thee Every Hour by Annie Sherwood Hawks, Robert Lowry
838. I'm Forever Grateful by Mark Altrogge
839. In His Time by Diane Ball
840. I Will Pray by
841. Hide Me O My Savior by
842. Children Of The Heavens by
843. God Give Us Christian Home by
845. Gentle Shepherd by
846. God Of Grace And God Of by
847. Fill Us With Your Love by
848. Did You Think To Pray by
849. Tis The Blessed Hour Of by
851. I'll Fly Away by Albert E. Brumley
852. When The Roll Is Called Up by
853. When We All Get to Heaven by Eliza E. Hewitt and Emily D. Wilson
854. When He Comes In Glory by
855. Home by
857. Heaven's Really Gonna Shine by
859. When All Of God's Singers by
860. There Is A Habitation by
861. When Days Of Toil Have All by
862. Savior More Than Life To by
863. Oh That Will Be Glory by
864. Just A Few More Days by
865. No Tears Up There by
866. There's a Crown For Your by
867. To Canaan's land I'm on my by
868. Welcome Delightful Morn by
869. We're Marching to Zion by Robert Lowry
870. Beyond This Land Of Parting by
871. Beautiful Warren by
873. The spacious firmament on high by Joseph Addison
874. Walking Alone At Eve by
875. Home Of The Soul by
876. Where He Leads Me I Will by
877. Won't It Be Wonderful There by
878. Sweet by and by by Joseph P. Webster
879. Hallelujah We Shall Rise by
880. Hark tis the Shepherd's voice by Alexcenah Thomas
881. Mansion Over The Hilltop by Ira F. Stanphill
882. No Tears In Heaven by
884. Earth holds no treasuresHeaven holds by
885. How Beautiful Heaven Must by
886. On Jordan's Stormy OKane by
887. In The Morning Of Joy by
888. Lo What A Glorious Sight by
889. On Jordan's stormy banks by
890. No Night There by Hart P. Danks
891. Peace In The Valley by
893. Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere by
894. Beulah Land by
895. I'll Live In Glory by
896. Ivory Palaces by
897. Sail Away Home by
898. Paradise Valley by
899. In The Kingdom Of The Lord by
900. The Sands Of Time by
902. Nothing But The Blood by Robert Lowry (1826-1899)
903. Power In The Blood by Lewis E. Jones
904. Have you been to Jesus by
905. Yield not to temptation for yielding is by Horatio Richmond Palmer
906. Room at the Cross by Ira F. Stanphill
907. Hark The Gentle Voice by
908. There's a Stranger At The by
909. There's a Fountain Free by
911. Bring Christ Your Broken by
912. Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary by John M. Moore
913. A Wonderful Savior Howard by
915. Trust and Obey by Daniel B. Towner
916. What a Day That Will Be by Jim Hill
917. I Bring My Sins To Thee by
918. Out Of My Bondage by
919. Behold A Stranger At The by
920. Whosoever Heareth by
922. Jesus Paid It All I hear the by
923. I Am Coming, Lord by
924. Just As I Am by Phillip Landgrave
926. What Will You Do With by
927. Why Keep Jesus Waiting? by
928. For Those Tears I Died by
930. Jesus The Loving Shepherd by
931. Wake Up O Sleeper by
932. O Heart Bowed DownCome unto me by
934. Softly And Tenderly by Rick Foster
935. Sinners Jesus Will Receive by James McGranaham
936. Lord I'm Coming Home by
937. Jesus Is Calling by George C. Stebbins
939. O Why Not Tonight by
940. Only A Step by
942. Tell Me The Old Old Story by
943. Do You Know My Jesus by
944. What Will You DoWhat shall by
945. Kneel At The Cross by Charles E. Moody
946. Let Jesus Come Into Your by
947. Jesus Is Tenderly Calling by George C. Stebbins
948. I Am Resolved by James H. Fillmore
949. Come To Calvary by
950. Come ye disconsolate Wherever ye by Thomas Moore tr/ad by Thomas Hastings
951. The Savior Is Waiting by Ralph Carmichael
953. God Put A Rainbow In The by
954. The Walls Came Tumbling by
956. O Happy DayAcuff by
957. This World Is Not My Home by Rick Foster
958. In My Father's House by
959. Just A Little Talk With Jesus by Cleavant Derricks
960. It's Me by
961. There Is a Balm in Gilead by
962. Were You There by
963. Roll Jordan Roll by
965. The Old Ship of Zion by
966. Amen by Vincent Persichetti (1956)
968. O they Tell me of a Home by
969. Don't You Want To Go To by
970. I'm Gonna View That Holy by
971. Stand By Me by John Lennon
972. Lord I Want To Be A by
973. Everybody Will Be Happy Over There by
974. The Rock That Is Higher by
975. Get Right Church by
976. I Shall Not Be Moved by
977. Every Time I Feel the Spirit by
979. I Am A Poor Wayfaring by
980. My Lord What A Morning by
981. In That Great Gettin Up by
983. Jordan River by
984. Jesus Walked This Lonesome by
985. When Morning Comes by
986. Kum Ba Yah by
987. I Want To Be Ready Spirit- by
988. I'll Be List'ning by
989. Soon And Very Soon by Luke Garrett
991. This Is My Father's World by Maltbie D. Babcock, 1901
992. Can You Count The Stars by
993. What a Mighty God We Serve by Anonymous
995. It Came upon the Midnight Clear by Richard Storrs Willis (1850)
996. O Little Town of Bethlehem by Phillips Brooks, Lewis H. Redner
997. O Come, All Ye Faithful by John Francis Wade
998. What Child Is This? by William Chatterton Dix
999. The First Noel by Traditional English Carol
1001. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing by Felix Mendelssohn
1002. Angels we have heard on high Sweetly by Traditional French Carol tr/ad by James Chadwick
1003. Silent Night by Joseph Mofr
1004. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Nahum Tate
1005. Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem by
1006. To Us A Child Of Hope Is by
1007. America, the Beautiful by Samuel A. Ward
1008. Angels, from the realms of glory by Henry Thomas Smart, 1813-1879
1009. Battle hymn of the Republic by William Steffe
1011. The Church In The Wild by
1012. Go Tell It On The Mountain by Author Unknown
1014. Jesus Loves Me by William B. Bradbury
1015. Jesus Loves The Little by
1016. This Little Light Of Mine by Prizm
1017. Away In A Manger by James R. Murray
1018. Joy to the world! by George Frederick Handel (1742)
1020. The Simple Old Story by
1021. Star Shine by
1022. Eternal Father Strong to save Whose arm by William Whiting & Robert Nelson Spencer &
1024. My Country Tis Of Thee by
1025. God Of Our Fathers by Acappella America
1028. O Holy Night by Adolphe C. Adam, 19th C.
1030. God Heal Our Land by